Watch: Drag Queen’s Hilarious Tribute To Bigot Kim Davis (VIDEO)

Lady Bunny, Famous Big Apple Drag Queen didn’t hold back in her little diddy for the repulsive Kim Davis.

This hilarious version of “Going to the Chapel” is to celebrate Kim Davis’ inability to stop same-sex marriage and to “cheer up” Kentucky residents who are not too pleased with the outcome of Tuesday’s election:

After electing a new GOP governor tonight, I thought Kentucky could use a little cheering up with a giggle or two! Governor Bevin was a big supporter of Kim Davis, even visiting her in jail and rallying evangelical voters to her cause–which was refusing to do her job as a marriage clerk and wed gay couples in her county. My condolences to the 48% of the Kentucky electorate who voted against Bevin

Matt Bevin is not only a Tea Party favorite, but also the second Republic*nt to win the race for governor in 40 years. The 48 percent of Kentucky residents who had the good sense to vote against him are probably a bit concerned. After all, this asshat wants to  freeze the Affordable Care Act program and prevent new enrollment.

Lady Bunny has quite the colorful interpretation of Kentucky- and it’s hilarious! Here’s a little taste of this divalicious diss.

We may make meth, whoa oh oh, and have no teeth, whoa oh oh / Cousins, we are and we all have bare feet.We were homeschooled and can barely read / but we’ll never f*ck livestock anymore.

With lyrics like this, how could this not be a hit.


Featured image via video screenshot


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