Don’t Need No Fancy Training Or Permits To Conceal Carry In West Virginia. No Siree! (VIDEO)

Thanks to their friendly local Republican lawmakers, the lucky and prosperous citizens of West Virginia can now enjoy hassle-free conceal carry freedom.

The new conceal carry law, which won approval earlier this year, took effect on Tuesday. Under the new law, citizens over the age of 21 no longer have to apply for a conceal carry permit or undergo any kind of weapons training to conceal carry a firearm. A very excited NRA spokesperson explains:

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Really, what this does is change the way people can exercise their Second Amendment rights in the way they see fit,” said Amy Hunter from the National Rifle Association. “They can still get a permit if they want.

Some citizens will most likely still obtain a license since one is required to conceal carry in other states that have reciprocity agreements with West Virginia. And permits are also still needed for those fun loving young people between the age of 18 and 21 if they want to conceal carry. While the NRA spokesperson said that weapons safety courses are still a good idea for citizens who wish to conceal carry, the organization opposes any fashion of pesky government mandate that requires it.

There’s no other organization that advocates for training more. We feel really strongly about firearms training, responsible use of firearms, and responsible storage of firearms. We offer that training,” said Hunter. “But we don’t think it should be government mandated.”

For now, laws still prohibit carrying guns into public places like courthouses, prisons, schools, or the state capital building in Charleston. And the law also doesn’t change a business owner’s ability to accept or deny customers who conceal carry in their stores. However, that could very well be the next step.

This law now means those who want to can do so under a coat, under a jacket, or in a purse, without first having to get specialized government permission,” Hunter triumphantly proclaimed.


One pesky liberal organization did have the nerve to fight the legislation at the state capital when it was being debated. The West Virginia Sheriff’s Association stood opposed to the measure, however, Raliegh County Sheriff Steve Tanner, who’s president of the organization, concedes that now law enforcement has to live with the new law of the land.

We did oppose it while it was being debated and hoped our opposition would have influence with the legislators,” Tanner said. “However, all sheriffs took an oath to uphold all of the laws of the state of West Virginia and all are in agreement we are honor bound to uphold this new law.

Back in March, Rodney Miller, executive director of the WVSA, said the organization had some common sense concerns about the dangers this law poses to society.

The concept of protecting a person’s gun rights is not something that we are against,” Miller said. “How do we deal with the issues with individuals who probably shouldn’t be carrying in the first place.

However, Miller said that his organization would work with the NRA so they can help local law enforcement relax while they ease their gun law in slowly.

We needed the opportunity to sit down and talk about this stuff and hash this stuff out to get a lot of the concerns hopefully alleviated and hopefully get a better piece of law,” he said. “There are a few ideas we’re bouncing back and forth between the law enforcement and NRA now.

Do you think the NRA at least bought them dinner first?

Tanner said that he still believes the law puts his deputies and all law enforcement officers at greater risk. However, the NRA’s paid puppet begged to differ:

Officers can still check and see if somebody is prohibited from carrying a firearm,” Hunter said. “And then criminals aren’t carrying permits anyway.

Ah yes, that makes perfect sense! Because we all know criminals are a special class of people who don’t live in our society. Only law abiding citizens legally buy firearms, and they never hurt themselves or others through any illegal action. And if they do, well that just means they were a criminal all along.

And if you really think about it after a few drinks and some crystal meth, it all makes perfect sense.

Sure, West Virginia has a few less important challenges. According to America’s Health Rankings, last year in West Virginia:

  • Lack of health insurance decreased 20% from 14.2% to 11.3% of the population.
  • In the past two years, drug deaths increased 47% from 22.0 to 32.4 per 100,000 people.
  • In the last ten years, children in poverty increased 43% from 18.0% to 25.7% of children.
  • In the previous five years, infant mortality has not changed at 7.4 per 1,000 live births.
  • In the past 20 years, low birthweight increased 31% from 7.2% to 9.4% of live births.

In 2014, West Virginia ranked 47th in public education, and the top median income in West Virginia is currently 49,381.

By why let those downers we call facts spoil the party? At least West Virginians now have free and easy conceal carry as well as this going for them.

Like that famous Beatles song says, all you need is guns.

Featured image mashup via  Saturday Down South and Homestead Shepherd.

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