Donald Trump’s Support Has Plummeted After Iowa, Conservatives Turning Against Him

Ever since Donald Trump got second place (almost third) in the Iowa caucuses, he’s been going full on ballistic – accusing the Cruz campaign of cheating; accusing the pollsters of wronging him; accusing the people of Iowa of not giving him enough credit, etc. The party of “personal responsibility” has a front runner that takes anything but.

A new poll (we all know how much the Donald loves those) will surely make him squirm with anger. According to the latest poll put out by Public Policy Polling, the GOP billionaire’s support amongst Republican voters has dropped nine points nationally since late December, and is now within four percentage points of Ted Cruz (who won the Iowa caucuses) and Marco Rubio, who got third place.

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It seems all the hype, which only led to a dismal second place, has left a sour taste in the mouths of Republican voters. While Trump is falling and is hated by the vast majority of the people, Marco Rubio has picked up serious traction with voters, having gained 9 percent nationally and a whopping 28 points in net favorability. If the election were held nationally in a three-way matchup between Rubio, Cruz and Trump, Rubio would be the victor.

According to PPP:

Trump’s favorability has dropped a net 17 points, from a previous +24 standing at 58/34 to now just +7 at 48/41.Trump is particularly starting to struggle on the right- he’s dropped to 3rd place with ‘very conservative’ voters at 19% with Cruz at 34% and Rubio at 22% outpacing him with that group. He does still lead with moderates and ‘somewhat conservative’ voters to give him the overall advantage.

Even the most conservative voters are starting to turn against him. Let that sink in. The guy that wants to ban Muslims from coming into the country is now third place amongst the most conservative voters.

Even though all candidates from the right should scare the crap out of everybody, it is nice to see the egomaniac that is Donald Trump crash and burn after polluting our airways for last eight months. It’s a great reminder to the sack of hot air that just because he’s worth billions and likes to hear himself talk doesn’t mean he can just coast on into the presidency.

Pollsters say Trump must win New Hampshire if he hopes to continue on the trajectory of winning the nomination for November. But with Cruz and Rubio rapidly catching up, it’s hard to tell just how much longer Trump can coast on insults ad bombastic remarks.

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