Donald Trump’s INSANELY SEXIST Reason He Thinks Women Will Vote For Him (VIDEO)

Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends on Tuesday and taped a segment in which he walked through a local diner in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to take questions from some of the patrons. One lady asked Trump:

How are you gonna change and get the support of more women, like myself?

Trump’s answer was obtuse, tone-deaf, chauvinistic, patronizing and sexist, which is quintessentially Donald Trump in a nutshell.

You know, I have so many women that really want to have protection from the standpoint — and they like me for that reason,” Trump said before suggesting he gets bad press regarding women.

The billionaire then goes on to claim that he’s the best lover of women on the entire planet and of course, he complained about how unfairly he’s portrayed in the media.

But there is nobody that respects women more than me, and I notice a lot of women are saying that…,” he said, trailing off into another point. “And I don’t get a fair press with the women. I have to say, the press treats me horribly with almost every aspect of life.

Trump continued to insist that women love his “strength” and feel as though he would protect them from the ISIS boogyman.

They were saying, ‘We like Donald Trump because we feel he’s going to be the strongest for the country in terms of protection, in terms of the border, in terms of ISIS, in terms of other countries,’ and I win by such a margin,” he said. “So that’s protecting women, but it’s also protecting everybody.

The most sickening part was when the Fox News reporter asked the woman what she would have Trump change.

Nothing,” to Trump’s delight. “I love your power,” she gushed. “I love your power.

Penny Young Nance is the CEO of Concerned Women for America, a public policy women’s organization. Nance said she found the billionaires statement to be a big joke.

I think that’s laughable,” Nance told POLITICO in a phone interview Tuesday. But Trump is right, she conceded, in that national security is a key issue for women.

He says that he’s the guy that’s gonna keep women safe, and our question would be who’s gonna keep us safe from him?” Nance added.

Nance also attacked Trump’s controversial abortion comments, in which he stated that he supports a ban and that women should face punishment for having abortions.

Unfortunately, Nance could not shake her right-wing proclivities and admit that chauvinistic billionaire candidate’s completely unelectable.

As bad as Donald Trump is, Hillary Clinton’s worse, and Bernie Sanders would destroy the economy,” she said.

Donald Trump’s candidacy started off as comic relief and has metastasized like cancer into something more dangerous. By rallying like-minded bigots, chauvinists, xenophobes, and generally lower educated ignorant people, Trump has begun a movement which represents the very worst of America. But, all that aside, at the end of the day women across America just want to feel “safe” in Trumps big burley orange arms.

Here’s the video.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.

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