Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan So Stupid Even Bill O’Reilly Says It’s Unconstitutional (VIDEO)

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration policy has been all over the map in recent weeks. Tonight’s appearance on Faux News’ The O’Reilly Factor was no exception. Here’s a brief rundown of Trump’s statements on illegal immigration to date.


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First, Trump alienates the majority of the Hispanic people by calling them drug dealers, criminals and rapists. He then goes on to state that “some of them” are probably “good people,” and he is sure he is going to win the Hispanic vote. Why? Because a lot of them work for him and they all just L-O-V-E him to pieces.

Then Trump talks about building a big freaking wall along the Mexican border, and making Mexico pay for it. All the while, the Hispanics just LOVE the hell out of him and he is going to win their vote.

When pressed about his immigration policy, Trump goes on to state that illegal aliens have to go, even if they have naturalized U.S. citizen children in their families. When reminded that this would break families up, Trump said:

“No. No. We’re going to keep the families together, we have to keep the families together. But they have to go.”

What the F***? But hang on, it gets better.

During tonight’s appearance with Bill O’Reilly, Trump picked up his bricks and trowel, preparing to build that big a** wall again:

“We have to start by building a wall, a big, beautiful, powerful wall. It can have a gate, it can have a door. We’ll let people in legally, but we have to stop what’s happening to our country, because we’re losing our country.”

While O’Reilly agreed with him in part, he did take exception to Trump’s grandiose total deportation plan, reminding Trump of the 14th Amendment.

Not to be denied, Trump threw out a vague “it will all be tested in the courts” comment. O’Reilly then shared concerns that Trump’s hardline stance on immigration was turning Hispanics away from the Republican party. Trump babbled something about winning the Hispanic vote because he’s going to bring jobs back to America, and that:

“They have a great incentive to come out and vote for me, because we’re going to make America great again.”

Listening to Trump sashay, sidestep and do-si-do around substantive questions, even from uber-friendly media, is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It frustrates you and it annoys the hell out of the pig.

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