Donald Trump’s Face Seems To Be Literally Everywhere, Except Here (SCREENSHOTS)

A woman writing into Talking Points Memo, identified only as DL, noticed something weird about the official GOP website. More to the point, she noticed a distinct lack of something: Donald Trump. Surprising as that is, in light of the GOP Speaker of the House catching some heat for appearing to be attempting to be invisible after his nearly coerced endorsement of Trump — it’s just not shocking.

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On the official GOP page, you will find Reagan, Hillary Clinton, the RNC platform, even Lincoln — but no Donald Trump. Since Trump’s face appears to be, disgustingly, literally everywhere this is a little more than just an anomaly. Hell, some people are even turning to apps just to remove the loud troglodyte from their feed because he is overwhelmingly ever-present in the media.

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TPM went and looked, nope, no Trump: in fact, as the reader pointed out if one looked at the GOP’s official web page it would appear that Hillary Clinton is running unopposed.

This is particularly amazing because the Trump campaign, or rather “campaign” is relying on the RNC to do the things campaigns usually do themselves, to essentially be their campaign structure. The fact that the Republican leadership, or rather “leadership,” is supporting Trump has gotten a lot of attention; the funny part is that they think they can also pretend it isn’t happening.

Following on the heels of the disgustingly racist behavior of Trump, this conspicuous absence begs the question: could the OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PARTY WEBSITE have omitted Trump on purpose? The fact is that the RNC seems only to be able to make attacks on their opponents, but if this page is any indication, not even they have anything good to say about their own candidate.

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The RNC may just be taking advice from Thumper (Bambi) who’s mother always said, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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