Donald Trump Was Scared So Badly By A Protester That He Is Now Wearing A Bulletproof Vest

According to an article published on Sunday in New York Magazine, Trump has been wearing a bulletproof vest since a scare in Ohio during a campaign event in mid-March. A protester at that event jumped the fence and ran toward the stage, prompting Secret Service agents to rush the stage to protect the trembling presidential hopeful.

The protester who caused the ruckus during last month’s security scare told police that he was only wanting to grab the microphone from Trump to call him out for being a racist so the crowd could hear and had no intention of physically harming anyone, including the bigoted billionaire.

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Trump told the crowd at the time that he could’ve handled it on his own, really he could have, but it was just easier to let his security officers take care of it. The look on his face as he cowered behind the Secret Service agents, however, said that he probably had to change his britches once he boarded his plane.

At any rate, the incident obviously shook him up because he has been sporting the bulletproof vest ever since. The New York Magazine article reported that two anonymous campaign sources have said that the body armor has become a regular part of Trump’s attire and it “has added to his discomfort on the stump, leaving him sweaty and spent after events.”

Trump’s campaign rallies have become increasingly violent, with more than one protester being sucker-punched, others being pepper sprayed, and racist name-calling so common it is basically expected at the GOP frontrunner’s events. Trump himself has continued to encourage the violence and has even said that he would pay the legal fees for his supporters who assault protesters.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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