Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against Club For Growth For Attack Ads Showing He’s Too Liberal

In what may be one of the most bizarre threatened lawsuits to come down the political pike in a while, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has threatened to sue the conservative organization Club for Growth over what he describes as ‘attack ads.‘ A conservative group attacking a Republican candidate? Now that’s a little unusual. Let’s delve further.

Club for Growth’s political advertising has included claims that the Republican front-runner is ‘too liberal’ in his economic policies. It seems that they took The Donald a little too literally when he said in an interview with Bloomberg in August that he wanted to raise taxes on the super-wealthy and lower taxes on the middle class.

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“The hedge fund people make a lot of money and they pay very little tax. I want to lower taxes for the middle class. You’ve seen my statements. I do very well. I don’t mind paying a little more in taxes. The middle class is getting clobbered in this country.”

In his cease-and-desist letter to Club for Growth, Trump addresses the organization as a ‘pitiful little group’ and characterizes their advertising as a ‘shakedown,’ since they solicited a $1 million dollar donation from him in the past (which he refused). He claims that the Club misrepresented his view on taxes by taking an ‘old’ statement (August is old???). Trump is now saying that he no longer has this view on taxing the super-rich and easing the burden on the middle class. Now THERE’S a surprise.

Once again, Donald Trump threatens to sue an organization or person that says something he doesn’t like.  Has anyone ever said ‘no’ to this man?  Ever?  Poor Donald Trump — he just can’t get over the fact that people want a little consistency from their candidate.

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