Donald Trump Shows His Bigotry Again: Repeatedly Asks Protester If He Is From Mexico (VIDEO)

It is no secret that hatemongering Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds great contempt for Mexicans, even though he insists they love him. During a rally on Monday, he made his bigoted disdain quite clear once again when he repeatedly asked a protester, who was being escorted out, if he was from Mexico.

Trump stood at his podium, apparently angered that his “punchline” had been interrupted, asking over and over about the protester’s country of origin.

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Are you from Mexico? Are you from Mexico?

Later, just for good measure, Trump added:

You’ll be moving back to the United States…

While Trump was hurling his obviously prejudiced statements through the microphone, the crowd of his “poorly educated” followers chanted:


Mexicans have been on Donald Trump’s political hit list since the beginning of his presidential campaign. Hell, he started off his presidential run by declaring that all Mexicans are rapists for heaven’s sake.

One of the GOP frontrunner’s biggest plans for America, if he gets into the White House, is to build a giant wall along that U.S.-Mexican border, which he continues to insist Mexico will pay for although our neighbors to the south don’t exactly seem to be on board with this scheme. Just a few days ago, former Mexican President Vicente Fox made it perfectly clear that Mexico would not be footing the bill for Trump’s wall. In fact, his exact words were:

I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall.

Trump’s rallies are now well known for their violent tendencies when it comes to protesters. During a rally in October of 2015, a Latino protester was thrown to the ground and kicked while he was being dragged across the floor towards the exit. The xenophobic candidate’s supporters chanted “USA! USA! USA!” as the attack was taking place in this incident, just like they did during today’s incident.

Thankfully, today’s protester wasn’t physically attacked, or at least, this not been reported so far, but it is troubling nonetheless. So far, the nationality of the protester is unknown.

Watch Trump’s racist interrogation here, via ABC News:


Featured image via video screen capture

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