Donald Trump Rally Draws 40,000 White People In Majority Black Alabama Town

There’s something about the Teflon Don that speaks to older white Americans of the Republican persuasion. Maybe it’s his appealing to their fear of Mexican culture. Or perhaps his strong desire to secure our nation’s Constitution exactly the way it’s written, since conservatives hate any alterations to their holy document.

Whatever it is, he’s real popular with this crowd, as a rally that he held in Mobile, Alabama, shows: He managed to draw a 40,000-person-strong crowd, where every last soul was white, in a town that’s 51 percent black.

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GOP Minority Outreach Program v 2.0

Donald Trump was the “joke candidate” for this election cycle, but the joke took on a life of its own and now its running the Republican Party.

Trump’s appeal to white Republican voters is obvious: he kick-started his campaign by calling undocumented Mexican immigrants rapists. His latest foray into race politics includes a claim that if #BlackLivesMatter protesters ever showed up at one of his events, he would “fight” them.

On Friday night, Trump once again reached out to his base, holding the largest rally of the 2016 election cycle to date, drawing a crowd as large as 40,000 people in Mobile, Alabama.

Mobile, Alabama, according to the 2010 Census Bureau, has the population of roughly 195,000 people, split 51 percent black and 45 percent white. It’s a different matter for Mobile County — the county is 56 percent white and 33 percent black — so what this means is that either half of the white population of the city of Mobile showed up, or people came from other cities.

It looks like having #BlackLivesMatter protesters show up at any of his rallies is a problem he doesn’t have to worry about, since he can’t seem to draw any black people at all.

More importantly, however, it also means that Trump’s divisive attacks against minorities are paying big (white) dividends.

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