Donald Trump Pulls A Finger Gun: UCC Would Have Been ‘Better Off’ With More Guns (VIDEO)

Donald Trump continues to pander to the American extremists who love to mimic the talking points of the gun industry when tragedy strikes. While talking about the UCC shooting to a group of supporters, The Donald pulled out all the stops. He blamed gun free zones, a widely hyped and easily debunked theory that criminals will seek out gun free zones so there’s no resistance while they kill. UCC allowed concealed carry on its campus.

He also talked about how much better off the students would have been had there been more guns on campus. There were apparently several guns on campus, but their owners were smart enough to know that more guns would have made the situation worse.

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After a little rant about the second amendment being a right given to us by God and guaranteed by the Constitution, Trump mentioned that he has a concealed carry permit and proceeded to pull a finger gun out of his pocket while making the orgasmic ammosexual “pew pew” face. It was truly disgusting.

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Watch Donald Trump make a fool of himself with a finger gun and a “pew pew” face.

Featured image via screen capture

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