Donald Trump Promises To ‘Bomb The Hell Out Of Iraq…’ If Elected President

Before announcing his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump claimed he totally knew how to defeat ISIS, but there’s no way he’s telling any of us what his plan is yet. Trump spoke with Fox News and spoke of how the U.S. has “totally messed up the balance in the Middle East.” He believes the U.S. has to do something to combat ISIS. In case you forgot or were never informed, here is a clip of an interview with Secular Talk Radio in regards to his secret claim.


So just what is this secret, “Fool-Proof,” plan Trump claims will achieve total victory? It’s simple really, “Bomb the hell out of Iraq’s oil fields.” Just months after telling us he has an idea that, “In my opinion is Fool-Proof, and I’m not talking about dropping bombs,”  he has unveiled his secret plan to be completely hypocritical of his previous statements in this CNN interview below.


We can all rest assured Trump’s plan can lead us to victory, since we spent over a decade rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure which heavily depends on its oil refineries to support its economy. “You’re destroying the infrastructure of Iraq, you’re not really doing much to hurt ISIS,” retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona said. “At some future point those oil fields will have to help regenerate Iraq.” 

It’s all ok though since Trump plans to rebuild after the bombing. In Trump’s interview he states “I’d then get Exxon, I’d then get these great oil companies to go in, they will rebuild them…” His plan is to bomb the country we fought for independence in for over a decade, and then send America’s largest oil company to rebuild and assume control of it’s oil refineries. This would clearly be a lethal blow to ISIS considering a large part of ISIS’s revenue has come from oil sales, but the terrorist group is mostly pumping oil out of refineries in Syria, not Iraq.

This would destroy Iraq’s economic stature and then ignite combative questions as to why American oil refineries have taken over the cornerstone of the country’s economy. While the Iraqi government is seriously reliant on the United States and other countries in its fight against ISIS and as it strives to keep its country together, Iraq’s top leaders would do more than just object to U.S. bombing of oil fields in its country. It would anger 200,000 of Iraq’s Citizens who have fought for their independence, and possibly initiate world war 3, but Trump isn’t concerned about that, since according to him, “There is no Iraq.”

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