Donald Trump Ordered His Steak Like A Five-Year-Old And Got Trolled Hard

Donald Trump tries to make himself out to be of a higher stature than the rest of us because, well, he’s rich. As it turns out — and as we’ve all suspected — being rich doesn’t mean being classy and it certainly doesn’t mean having good taste. Trump has been showing for years that he has no class and he and his family, on the eve of the New Hampshire primaries, proved they have horrible taste as well.

Hanover Chophouse is by far the best steak restaurant in Manchester, if not all of New Hampshire. Their $54 ribeye is renowned across the region as a fine cut of dry-aged beef. The restaurant has an array of awesome, albeit expensive, cuts of USDA select. Trump, as noted by Barstool Sports, decided to order his well-done. His family ordered in similar style, showing that horrible taste is genetic:

Mr Trump came to the Hanover Chophouse, the best steak restaurant in Manchester, after his last rally to encourage voters to the polls.  He sat in a booth in the corner with his family and secret service all around.  He sat beside Melania, his wife, and Donald Trump junior, his son. Three members of the family ordered ‘well done’ chicken and another a ‘well done’ salmon. 

Well done in the steak world is so discouraged that it is covered by a disclaimer on the menu. “Not responsible for above medium-well orders” is there for a reason. Turning a $54 steak into a piece of shoe leather is a lesson in futility. It shows a lack of judgement at the fundamental genetic level. The fact that his family felt the need to order their chicken well-done is hilarious as well, because since there is no other way to safely cook chicken it shows an inherent mistrust of the working class they’re so used to looking down on.

“Big Cat,” the writer for Barstool Sports went on to troll Trump magnificently on the subject:

Come on guys, come on. This has nothing to do with politics anymore. Pretend for a second Donald Trump isn’t Donald Trump and we’re not even in an election year. Now put yourself in a steak restaurant, sit a random guy next to you, and watch him order a well done rib eye. Do you trust that person? Do you think that person is qualified to do anything in any aspect of life? I sure as fuck don’t. I don’t care if it’s Trump, Rubio, Hillary or Bernie, any candidate that does this on purpose should no longer be a candidate. We’ve had this discussion before on this very website. My boss orders his steak medium (yes he did it again at the nicest Prime Rib restaurant in San Fran last week) and although I strongly disagree I can at least stomach the thought. At least it is still a steak. But well done? Who the fuck orders a well done steak? Trailer trash and 5 year olds, that’s who. Get the fuck out of here with a well done steak. You want to Make America Great Again, you start by not ordering like a respectable human being, that’s where you start. Well done, I’m throwing up just thinking about it, probably asked for a side of ketchup as well. The horror.

Is this petty and childish? You’re damned right it is, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Steak is very important to some of us, and watching such a fabulous cut overcooked and probably drowned in the restaurant’s version of A1 isn’t just sickening, it’s fundamentally wrong. Trump should be ashamed…of so many things…but for this there is absolutely no excuse.

*If You Only News has no official position on the serving temperature of a ribeye. The opinions expressed are that of the writer. Please enjoy your steak however you see fit. Also, please note that this article is listed as humor/op-ed and is supposed to be about a good chuckle at the expense of a moron, not about denying people their right to eat what they want.*

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