Donald Trump Named His Running Mate, But It Could Be A Problem

Donald Trump rarely has pleasant words to say about anyone, unless that other person is a supermodel who’s no intellectual threat. He has been surprisingly not insulting to one presidential candidate and now we have at least a hint why. It appears as though he might want Ted Cruz as his running mate.

Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” he said when asked about his vice presidential pick, according to Lifezette.

“Well, I like him,” Trump told radio host Laura Ingraham during her broadcast. “He’s backed everything I’ve said.

This, of course, would be the GOP version of a match made in heaven. They are both vehemently anti-immigrant, which seems to be all the Republican party is about these days. Cruz, at least in the eyes of the GOP leadership, is Latino (Cuban) and somehow, that will magically erase all the xenophobic things Cruz has said along the line.

While Trump is religiously ambiguous, Cruz is a biblical literalist. While Trump is a political outsider, Cruz is an insider, albeit a despised one who can’t rally enough troops around him to accomplish anything.

From a broader perspective, though, this choice in a VP candidate couldn’t be worse for a potential Trump ticket. While they both appeal to the rabid base who thinks populism is about stepping on everyone less fortunate, together, they have no mainstream appeal. Both have only fear to offer the electorate. Both are far more disliked than they are liked and come election day (if they get that far), they will know it.

Of course, anyone would be a frightening VP choice for Donald Trump or for Ted Cruz. They both bring out the sort of fear and hatred that is dangerous for this country and unfortunately, after the horrible terrorist attack in Paris last week, Americans have fear and hatred to spare.

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