Donald Trump Melts Down, Wages Tweethad™ Against Ted Cruz (TWEETS)

The Republican debate got a little heated last week when Donald Trump and Ted Cruz exchanged verbal blows. At one point, the crowd was so turned off by Trump’s birtherism they started booing the GOP front-runner. But Ted was not exempt from blowback, especially after he made comments about “New York values,” as if NYC is full of craptastic people like himself. Anyway, the “Crump” must have really stuck with Donald, because on Saturday morning he went batsh*t on Twitter and waged “Tweethad™” against his opponent.

First, there was birther nonsense:

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That attack transitioned into one about Cruz’s failure to follow Federal Election Commission rules and report his campaign loans:

And then the comments about New York:

After that one he just bounced back and forth between attacks in a complete meltdown:


Ted Cruz responded with one tweet:

What’s really sad about this is that these two guys actually want to be president and they behave like children. I’d rather elect Anthony Weiner to the White House than these two tools. 

As I wrote this article, Trump tweeted two more times. By the time it’s published, there will probably be twenty more because maturity does not grow in his garden.

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