Donald Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself By Tweeting This Hilarious Image

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blessed us with another one of his hilarious tweets on Wednesday morning and once again left us wondering: Can he even math?

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Apparently, Trump’s “very good brain” does not understand that 40 percent is less than 42 percent and that does not mean he is “going to win the whole deal.” What’s even more pathetic is that neither he or his campaign bothered to actually read the poll, because if they had they’d know voters didn’t have nice things to say about him.

Quinnipiac University asked voters if they believe,”The 2016 election has increased the level of hatred and prejudice in the U.S.” and 61 percent of those surveyed said,”yes.” Of the people who said yes, 67 percent of them blame Donald Trump and his bigoted, xenophobic, racist rhetoric for the hate.

The poll also said that the race was too close to call right now, but “American voters say 58 – 33 percent that Clinton is better prepared to be president than Trump; 53 – 33 percent that she is more intelligent and 46 – 37 percent that she has higher moral standards.” None of that is good news for The Donald.

However, although the Democratic party is finally starting to unite, the latest survey shows that Americans are deeply divided on party, race, gender and age lines.

Women back Clinton 50 – 33 percent while men back Trump 47 – 34 percent.

White voters back Trump 47 – 34 percent. Black voters back Clinton 91 – 1 percent and Hispanic voters back her 50 – 33 percent. Voters 18 to 34 years old go Democratic 48 – 23 percent, while voters over 65 years old go Republican 51 – 35 percent.

Democrats go to Clinton 89 – 3 percent, as Republicans go to Trump 84 – 6 percent.

So the lesson here is that Donald Trump REALLY, really should learn how to read and math before posting on Twitter. Unfortunately for his campaign, it doesn’t look like that is ever going to happen. And as a Democrat, that makes me very happy.

Featured image via Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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