Donald Trump Lies Again About Black Pastors Endorsing Him – He Is A Lying Pez Dispenser (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, that lying Pez dispenser, is at it again. Not content to spew his Fascist ideology to the drooling sheeple that populate his rallies (no offense to the protesters who also gather there), he has now attempted to inveigle black religious leaders into his web.

The Trump campaign announced via a press release that he would be meeting privately with 100 black religious leaders and pastors. After the meeting, Trump was expected to announce that these religious leaders would be endorsing his candidacy for President of the United States. Quoting the official press release, the meeting was described as,

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… a coalition of 100 African American Evangelical pastors and religious leaders who will endorse the GOP frontrunner after a private meeting at Trump Tower.

Not so fast.

Bishop Clarence McLendon, “The Preachers of LA” star who was invited to the meeting, stated that he will not attend, as the purpose of the meeting was misstated by the Trump campaign.

The meeting was presented not as a meeting to endorse but a meeting to engage in dialogue.

In addition, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, star of the Oxygen reality show “Preachers of Detroit” and Senior Pastor of the Holy Ghost Cathedral stated,

Trump is an insult and embarrassment. But he represents the country we have become. ZERO experience … Flaunting a ticket of unbridled bigotry, sexism, racism and everything that is wrong with America.

Vaughn will neither be attending the meeting nor endorsing Trump.

Bishop Paul S. Morton was also invited to attend the meeting, but refused. In a response via Twitter, Bishop Morton stated,

I was asked 2 meet with Mr Trump too but I refused because until he learns how to respect people you can’t represent me thru my endorsement.

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Let’s add this one to the pants-on-fire category.

Featured image courtesy of Charles Topher.

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