Donald Trump Jr. SLAMS America, Says U.S. Should Be More Like Europe (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Jr. — just one of the two entitled slick-haired male offspring of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump — recently sat down to massage NRA voters with his standard anti-Hillary Clinton B.S. along with generous amounts of gun oil.

But in the process of tearing down Clinton, Trump Jr. mistakenly took a cheap shot at America and admitted that Europe did something better than the U.S.

The affluent killer of endangered species went after Clinton by mischaracterizing her opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the District of Columbia v. Heller, which concluded that the federal government could not prohibit a person’s second amendment rights on a federal enclave.

A federal enclave is an area of federal property located within a state that is under the “Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States.”

Trump Jr. used Clinton’s disagreement with the ruling to paint her as an anti- Second Amendment zealot. However, in his zeal, Junior got a bit carried away and accidently voiced support for LGBT rights, something that’s definitely not one of the core values of NRA voters.

“She says the Supreme Court got that wrong,” Trump said,overstating Clinton’s argument that cities and states should be able to impose some limits on gun ownership. “That’s scary to me as an American, because what’s next? Legislation for the sake of legislation, just like government is bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy at this point, just more rules and more government in your in boardrooms, in your daily life, in your business, in your bedroom.”

Trump Jr. realized he’d made a mistake while saying the word “bedroom,” and he quickly sought to pivot the conversation away from that area.

“We want to eliminate that, you know, we want to allow law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights and go after the people who are actually committing crimes,” Trump said, briefly flashing the “nailed it” expression.

At one point in the interview, Trump Jr. emphasized the importance of maintaining a conservative Supreme Court, stating:

“You lose the Supreme Court, you lose two or three justices, that’s a 30 or 40-year swing, that’s probably something you never recover from,” Trump said. “It’d likely never come back, it’d be like Europe, where you have essentially a socialist state where everything is process-driven, bureaucratic, rules-based society where entrepreneurship and free thought are, you know, lacking.”

The greasy trust fund creeper then made another mistake when he accidently endorsed Europe’s more sensible gun laws, because they allow hunters to use noise suppressors, while areas of the U.S. explicitly ban the use and sale of such devices.

“If you had that kind of noise levels in any other industry as you would in shooting sports, OSHA would be all over the place, people would be going crazy,” Trump said. “I mean, it’s about safety, it’s just another rule that government wants to put in place for no reason, because if Europe can do it, America better well be able to do it.”

Leave it to a self-absorbed jerk to ignore all the good things Europe does for its citizens like free healthcare, better education, better public transportation, better infrastructure, paid family leave, higher wages, better standards of living, and their overall higher happiness index.

Instead, he praises Europeans for something as vain as allowing insecure man-boys like him to use silencers while hunting defenseless animals.

Donald Trump Jr. is the epitome of the American Idiot.

Featured image via YouTube.


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