Donald Trump Jr. Retweets Anti-Semitic White Supremacist . . . Yes, AGAIN

Donald Trump’s campaign has been trying very hard to convince everyone that despite all the dog whistling, blatant racism, and KKK endorsements, he really isn’t a raging bigot after all. Nobody seems to be buying it and his son just made this all even less believable by retweeting a well-known white supremacist. Again.

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a post by Kevin MacDonald, who is one of the most infamous anti-Semitic white supremacists in the United States. Although the post is still up at the moment, here is a screenshot in case he decides to delete this particular tweet from his Twitter page.


Little Green Footballs pointed out that the high number of likes and retweets on MacDonald’s post is “a direct result of the high visibility he gets from Trump Jr.’s endorsement.”

Donald Trump Jr., who like his sister Ivanka has taken a large role in Daddy’s campaign, has a history of courting white supremacists, both online and in person. Trump granted an interview to The Political Cesspool earlier this year, a radio show that can only be described as abhorrently racist and anti-Semitic. He then made sure the host was given press credentials for the Republican National Convention.

In March, Trump Jr. retweeted Theodore Beale, who goes by the pseudonym Vox Day on Twitter. Beale is not only a blatant racist, but he likes to flaunt his sexism and homophobia as well. Junior was also outed last month for repeatedly “liking” tweets posted by two of the most prominent alt-right extremists on Twitter. After this was made public he promptly unfollowed them on Twitter, but he never disavowed the message or the white supremacists who had posted them.

At this point, it is impossible to honestly believe that Trump and his kiddo are doing these things by accident. As of the beginning of July, the GOP nominee had retweeted white supremacists a whopping 75 times. You don’t accidentally do something 75 times. You just don’t. Despite all the claims to the contrary, these “accidents” keep happening because his campaign is actively courting the racist and anti-Semitic underbelly of America. Donald Trump Jr.’s latest Twitter blunder isn’t an accident at all, it’s a dog whistle to let the alt-right know that despite all the “minority outreach” and condemnation of racists that have come from the campaign in the past couple of weeks, Trump is the same bigoted bully he always has been.

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