Donald Trump Jr Quickly Deletes Tweet Proving His Dad Passed His Harassment Of Women Onto His Kids

The Trump kids are definitely their father’s children. They have been well-trained to defend his every move, and, indeed, their own behavior as adults mirrors that of their father.

Case in point – Donald Trump Jr. He only recently got past making an absolutely asinine Holocaust reference when it came to the media’s treatment of his father versus their treatment of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and now finds himself in trouble again. A tweet has surfaced revealing Don Jr. seemed to share many of his father’s views of how women should be treated.

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In a hastily deleted tweet from 2011, he joked about what he thinks celebrities can get away with doing to women, particularly in the workplace. Luckily, Twitter is forever, and author Alec Ross has preserved Trump Jr’s thoughts on the issue for the world to see:

This not only highlights Trump Jr’s ideas about women, but it speaks to the absurdity of the idea that his father didn’t grope those women, and that the actions he bragged about on that now-infamous Access Hollywood bus tape with Billy Bush was just “locker room talk.”

It also aligns with what Eric Trump has said to defend his father. When asked why his father would say such disparaging things about women, Eric replied: “It was locker room banter, I mean, that’s really what it was. It was two alpha guys in a thing.” Two alpha guys.

Donald Trump is a misogynist of the first order, and he hasn’t made any secret of that fact. Further, it’s pretty obvious that he has passed those same sentiments on to his children.

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