Donald Trump Jr Is Currently Being Trolled To Death By A Polling Company For Being Dumb As Bricks

It’s almost too easy to troll the Trump family, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Public Policy Polling recently released a poll that showed Clinton was still up by a sizable margin against Donald Trump – so immediately people began anticipating what Trump’s whiny reaction would be. The polls are rigged. Polling companies are coordinating with Clinton. The election will be stolen. Unskew!

Twitter user @Mongo_Ebooks decided to have a little fun with the incoming conspiracies, by writing up a wild-eyed conspiracy email between PPP and Clinton’s campaign.

The “email” suggests polling five points ahead of Trump isn’t good enough for Team Clinton. They demand a better result if they are to pay “$760,000 per month.”

To anyone but the dimmest, the letter was an obvious joke.

But then Donald Trump Jr. is not known for his intelligence:

Public Policy Polling, clearly laughing their asses off, quickly began retweeting people making fun of Donald Trump Jr. Including this hilarious piece of fan fiction:

As of this writing, Trump Jr. has yet to notice or understand his mistake. He and many of Trump’s fans are still under the impression that “Wikileaks” really released an email from “Hillary” demanding better poll results.

On the other hand, the real poll does a nice amount of trolling of Trump all by itself. Not only does it show that Trump is still down nationally, it also found that most Americans say they would prefer “the middle seat in an airplane” than for him to be president. As for his own fans, 31 percent of them said it would be a good idea to build a wall along the Atlantic Ocean to keep Muslims out.

It’s widely known that Trump voters support building a wall on the border with Mexico to keep undocumented immigrants out of the country. We find that 31% of them also support building a wall along the Atlantic Ocean to keep Muslims from entering the country from the Middle East. 52% are opposed to that idea.

With friends like these, who needs attack ads?

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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