Donald Trump Is So Disliked By Americans It Set A 25 Year Record

If your claim to fame is being even more unpopular than any candidate has ever been in 25 years, including H.W. Bush at his worst, Clinton at his worst, and even Ross Perot, you really don’t belong in politics. Of course, if you are also the slimy weasel that is stirring up the white supremacists because they will vote for you, then you are none other than Donald Trump.

Gallup recently released their “unpopularity” numbers, that is the number of Americans who see a politician in an unfavorable light which thrust into the spotlight something that many are simply ignoring. Yes, Donald Trump is the front-runner in Iowa, with 28 percent of the Republican vote compared to Ted Cruz’s 23 percent in a recent poll. However, no one is talking about the fact that once you get outside of the shallow confines of the Republican party, his unfavorable rating is a staggering 60 percent.

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No one, not even H.W. Bush, could touch that except for the nearly non-candidate Ross Perot, who hit 60 percent briefly during his two ill-fated runs in 1992 and 1996.

This two-week average (as of January 27th) is even more striking in this context:

Hillary Clinton currently has a 52% unfavorable rating among all Americans, while Jeb Bush is at 45%, Chris Christie 38%, Ted Cruz 37%, Marco Rubio 33%, Bernie Sanders 31% and Ben Carson 30%. Trump’s 60% is clearly well above all of these. Putting his favorable and unfavorable ratings together yields a net favorable of -27 for Trump, far above the -10 for Clinton and for Bush, the next lowest among the major candidates.

It really says something when you have to go all the way back 25 years, to the previous record holder of “joke running for president,” to find anyone as overwhelmingly disliked as Donald Trump. We can only hope Trump wins the nomination, as all of the Democrats, and even Republicans, would likely have a better chance at winning the presidency (by this measure) than he does.

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