Donald Trump: If Hillary Can’t Satisfy Bill, How Can She Satisfy America? (SCREENSHOTS)

Donald Trump is still keeping it classy. The reality show host is no stranger to making horrific comments about those in politics he doesn’t like but, as he is likely going to actually embark on a failed run for President, it must be time to make the difficult switch from unabashed racist to… misogynist.

Trump retweeted, then deleted, a horrible statement about Clinton on Thursday — one that suggested she isn’t right for America because her husband chose to cheat on her.  “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” Trump tweeted.

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Of course, a man cheating on a woman is a.) the man’s fault, b.) not in any way representative of the woman’s character, and c.) inexcusable. However, we live in a world in which Republicans are willing to ignore that Romney, McCain, and Reagan were all the same age as Clinton, older than Clinton, or the same age as Clinton, respectively, when they failed to become President or took office, and instead harp on about Clinton’s age endlessly.

Predictably, Trump has abandoned his ‘Obama is too black to be President’ rhetoric in favor of much more sensible good, old-fashioned misogyny.

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The tweet initially came from champion equestrian Sawyer Burmeister, who “apologized” after the backlash that resulted from the tweet:

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On behalf of Trump, a spokesman categorically denied that the real estate mogul was in any way responsible for what he chose to tweet:

“Mr. Trump was not responsible for this tweet. It was retweeted by one of ten staff members that periodically help execute on Mr. Trump’s various social media platforms. As soon as Mr. Trump saw the tweet he deleted it.”

Trump, unfortunately, will make an excellent Republican candidate. Of course, just like all the others, he will lose (and lose big).

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