Donald Trump Humiliates Himself At Liberty University With Bible Misquote

If there is one thing Donald Trump loves to talk about, it’s Donald Trump. Maybe this is why it seems so disingenuous when Trump praises “The Bible” as his favorite book of all time, even beating out Trump’s own “The Art Of The Deal,” as the greatest book ever written. This coming from a guy who recently criticized the Pope for his anti-capitalist views, and when asked in an interview on Bloomberg TV, could not even quote one Bible verse.

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On Monday, Trump spoke at the very conservative Christian College, Liberty University, a move that seems very calculated considering all the ground he has lost in recent weeks among evangelicals who prefer Ted Cruz’s hateful religious rhetoric to Trump’s hateful secular rhetoric. During his speech, Trump tried to prove his piety early on by attacking the non-existent war on Christmas, with the crowd applauding in approval, Trump seemed to feel comfortable enough to try to kick some knowledge “New Testament” style. But things didn’t go quite as planned when Trump made a major theological gaffe in reciting “Second Corinthians”:

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I hear this is a major theme right here, but Two Corinthians, 3:17 that’s the whole ball game.

Trump said, causing the room to fall silent in disbelief. After his speech the backlash to Trump’s horrible gaffe came quickly on the university website as many students posted their discontent with the Reality TV charlatan.

Trump at Liberty, Screengrab Via Winning Democrats,

Trump at Liberty, Screengrab Via Winning DemocratsTrump at Liberty, Screengrab Via Winning Democrats, Trump at Liberty, Screengrab Via Winning Democrats

Trump at Liberty, Screengrab Via Winning Democrats,

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Why anyone in the Christian community would follow the clarion call of a man who is more likely to burst into flames when he walks into a church than to humble himself before God, is beyond me. One thing is for certain, if Trump thinks he can out maneuver his rival Cruz by playing altar boy, then Trump’s dog and pony show will continue, at least until he can ensure the Republican nomination.

Watch Trump “Play” Christian Here:


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