Donald Trump Has A New Huge Fan Base: White Supremacists (IMAGES)

The Donald might be screaming poverty real soon after losing millions in many very high-profile contracts after NBC “fired him” after basically calling all Mexicans criminals. But the Donald and that thing on his head need not worry, as it seems he has a whole new voting demographic: Neo-nazis and other white supremacists. Suck on that, NBC!

Following a fusillade of criticism that saw his television shows – including Celebrity Apprentice and Miss America pageant – cancelled on NBC and Univision, the Donald was not about to back down and show any type of humility. After all, humility and accountability are for criminals.  Just yesterday, he said his comments were “totally accurate,” according to MSNBC. And now he’s got the white supremacists in his corner.

‘I do not believe he would solve all or even most of the problems we are facing, but he is absolutely the only candidate who is even talking about anything at all that matters,’ gushed Andrew Anglin, blogger for the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer. Trump is ‘willing to call them out as criminal rapists, murderers and drug dealers.’ (Raw Story)

Well, at least he acknowledges that Trump would ultimately make a sh*tty president, but this can’t be good for Trump.

Trump can take solace in the fact that he also has the support of white supremacist Kyle Rogers, a member of Council of Conservative Citizens, which is the group credited by Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof, for radicalizing him. It seem that Rogers deleted his Twitter account following he brutal church massacre, but a screenshot shows Rogers hawking “Donald Trump 2016″ tee shirts to his nearly 40,000 Twitter followers just one day earlier. Yes, not exactly the best PR rep. Most important, this vile a-hole has almost 40k Twitter followers??!!

Image via @Raw Story

Image via @Raw Story

But the white power love train doesn’t stop there. White supremacist and nationalist group “White History Month” showed their admiration for Trump by posting a link to a story lauding him for “refusing to back down.” This is the same group that frequently posts about supporting the Klan and wanting to create a separatist white society.

Macy’s may want to bring Trump back into the fold, since all of this white supremacist support could result in a big sales on white sheets.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture and modified by Michael Hayne

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