Donald Trump Flunks Basic Math, Victoriously Brags About Poll Showing Him Losing (TWEETS)

Tweeting may just be Donald Trump’s downfall, seriously. Once again he doesn’t seem to understand that smaller numbers mean you are losing. Tweeting an OAN poll showing him losing to Hillary Clinton, and thanking his voters for, um, not making him a winner.

The fact that Trump can’t even find a poll that shows him winning really bring home the absolute desperation and/or self-delusion that would make posting the dubious and outdated poll, from May 10th, seem like a good idea.

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This #AmericaFirst hashtag sounds a lot like the “Britain First” radical right wing group, associated with the murder of a left-wing British MP, Jo Cox. However, we already know that Donald Trump is a self-described authoritarian (read: fascist) who associates with extreme right-wing, white nationalist, and hyper-nationalistic racist groups — so that isn’t a surprise.

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Twitter immediately reacted to the ringing irony:

A satire Trump twitter account pointed out the irony of the fact that OAN is a cheap Fox knock-off, making the “poll” about as scientific as a survey in the comment section of a Fox News article. Of course, the irony is highlighted with the fact that Trump is actually in a near free-fall, popularity wise. Which isn’t saying much since he never had more than about 30 percent of the country’s dumbest voters to start with.

Donald Trump seems bound and determined to inflate himself in the public eye, but the sad truth is, well:

The saddest thing is that Trump supporters swallow this inaccurate information from dubious sources quicker than Trump can make it up. Twitter’s mockery sharply and cruelly caricatures this apparent blind devotion to their walking hair piece and zealous rejection of facts, science, and economics.

It makes sense, though, that desperate Donald would resort to feeding his angry white guy demographic a right-wing poll to assure them of his “winningness.” If he stuck to realistic polls, reality would definitely skew his message more towards “losing” than “winning.”

The facts are clearly not going his way, but Trump has no problem, at all, lying to make himself look good, he has told the entire world that is HOW he sells himself: pure smoke, mirrors and exaggeration.

And there is little hope that the trend started by Hillary Clinton will actually get the attention whore Trump to actually get the hell off of Twitter. That’s too bad because it could only improve the neighborhood. This man isn’t just “unpresidential,” he is a purposeful parody of a white trash idiot being played by an overgrown playboy who is rich by an accident of birth.

Yet his “blue collar” supporters just can’t seem to see they are being sold snake oil by a morally bankrupt trust fund baby.

Seth Meyers, from Late Night, mentioned on Thursday that there is a theory that Trump never intended to win, he just wanted to fill his bucket list and get the ego boost that comes with running. The theory is that, since he started winning, it seems almost as if he is trying to sabotage his own campaign.

It’s caused at least one Twitter user to read between the lines:

It’s all in good fun, but what we must remember is that it is all of our responsibility to defeat Trump in November. Because all joking aside: Without a concerted effort, the loud, hateful minority that supports Trump may just be able to put him in the White House anyway.

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