Donald Trump Demands Hillary Clinton Make It Easy For Assassins To Murder Her (IMAGES)

Donald Trump, as everyone knows, is a sickening individual. His supporters are very much the same as the person they idolize. However, the reality of just how disgusting Donald is was made evident by what he just said about Hillary Clinton. The question is, how many of his mindless, rage-fueled followers feel the same.

Donald flirts with the assassination of Hillary Clinton over Twitter on behalf of the NRA. I wish this was a joke. Really, I do. It isn’t. Just look at the captures of Donald’s tweets below.


This is the guy to which the Republican Party has surrendered. They handed over their entire party to him and called for UNITY behind this guy. Are they kidding? And please, let’s be very honest about what Trump said. He’s sending a strong message to would be assassins. This political double-speak where they say “oh no I didn’t exactly say that” is frankly bullshit. He needs to own it.

Breaking his statement down with some logic, there isn’t any other way to view this. Trump wants Hillary to not be protected by guards who are armed. The NRA says the only way a person with a gun can be stopped is by another person with a gun. The NRA and Donald are calling on people to “stop her.” This is happening as the NRA and Trump keep shouting about how Hillary wants to repeal the entire Second Amendment. Now, all that has to happen is for one over-weaponized “patriot” to get the idea that they will become an American hero by killing a presidential candidate – especially if they get the delusion that they can’t be stopped because Hillary isn’t protected by guns.

It doesn’t matter to them that Hillary NEVER said she wanted to repeal the Second Amendment. Ronald Reagan nearly died when he was surrounded by secret service agents from an assassin’s bullet, and that was with a gun which is arguably weak by today’s firearm standards. Now, we have to worry about Hillary literally getting shot and killed because Donald suggested to his supporters that it might be a good idea to try it. They already beat the crap out of protesters at his command. There’s no reason to think that at least one of them wouldn’t obey him now.

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