Donald Trump Defends Lying, Racist Tweet To Bill O’Reilly: ‘Am I Gonna Check Every Statistic?’

Bill O’Reilly, who very occasionally shows a hint of sanity, grilled Donald Trump on his retweet of false and racist statistics on murder. The statistics, which supposedly show that rates of black on black murder, and black on white murder, are the two highest murder rates in the nation, are false and came from a source that doesn’t exist. When confronted with this information, a reasonable person would delete the tweet and issue an apology. Not so with Trump, even on Fox News, with Bill O’Reilly. Quelle surprise.

O’Reilly first asked whether Trump was aware that the “liberal media” paints him as a racist, and Trump said he’s probably the least racist person out there. Har de har har. Don’t make us laugh too hard! It hurts. O’Reilly then said that the racist tweet bothered him, and the following exchange ensued:

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TRUMP: I didn’t tweet, I retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert, and it was also a radio show.

O’REILLY: Why do you want to be in that zone?

TRUMP: Hey, Bill, Bill, am I gonna check every statistic? I get millions and millions of people, @RealDonaldTrump, by the way.

O’REILLY: You gotta, you’re a presidential contender, you gotta check ‘em.

TRUMP: I have millions of people… You know what? Fine. But this came out of radio shows and everything else.

O’REILLY: Oh, come on, radio shows?!

TRUMP: All it was was a retweet. It wasn’t from me.

Really? “Am I gonna check every statistic?” Well, actually, yes, you are, if you want credibility. O’Reilly makes an unusually (for him) fabulous point: If you’re going to be a presidential contender, you have to check the information you’re putting out there. O’Reilly is hardly the “liberal media,” so neither Trump nor his supporters can claim that the big, bad “liberal media” was out to get him in that interview.

Besides that, this tweet didn’t come from a particularly credible source. The radio show that Trump referenced, which Think Progress says was The Wayne Dupree Show, had nothing to do with the original tweet. So not only is Trump trying to defend it, he’s making stuff up in trying to defend it.

What can you expect from a narcissist, though? He’ll never admit that he might have been wrong about something. It’s too uncomfortable for him. And as of the time of this posting, the tweet was still there, so it’s not likely that he’s going to remove it anytime soon. Donald Trump doesn’t admit to being wrong. Watch the exchange below:


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