Donald Trump Declared ‘Anointed By God’ According To Lunatic Dominionist

The Teflon Don is drawing votes from all corners of the American right-wing, and among them, theofascist and proponent of Seven Mountains Dominonism, Lance Wallnau.

Wallnau was one of the many Christian pastors who prayed with Trump in September, and since that meeting he’s declared God gave, “this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States.”

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Uh huh. And they said the same thing about Ted Cruz, too. And Michelle Bachman. And Sarah Palin. And…

Seven Mountains of Trump

Dominonism is the theocratic ideology held by Conservative Christians that the nation should be governed (i.e, “dominated”) by Biblical principles and laws — at all costs. Dominionism includes Christian Reconstructionism and Pentecostal Kingdom Now theology; some of these Dominionists, like the long dead R. J. Rushdoony, have declared that democracy is incompatible with their theology — so, in their demented minds, Democracy has to go.

Dominionists have their own language, like most right-wingers, and key among their goals is usurping and poisoning the “seven mountains of culture.” These include the “family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government.” In short, like ISIS and Wahhabism, they’re a social cancer.

And Trump now has their vote, too.

Something something Cyrus

After the meeting in September with the Teflon Don, Wallnau threw himself all-in, declaring Trump “anointed” and “more prophetic” than people realize. He noted there “is a Cyrus anointing on this man” and he’s “like a Reformer in secular garb.”

He said in a video he uploaded to Facebook that the group of people he’s leading are “praying for and encouraging Mr. Donald Trump” because “God has given this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States and he will prosper!”

Below is the post he included with the video:

I sent this prophetic prayer to Donald J. Trump via his partner and attorney Michael Cohen. It’s quite a great crowd of believers at in Carolina – a key State – who are part of this army rising up for America. Perhaps half this room was for Dr. Carson or other candidates. When I was done the majority was with me for reasons I share here.

I think this prophetic prayer timely, as at this time, Iowa polls are showing a slipping of support for Mr. Trump among Evangelicals who prefer Dr. Carson to Mr. Trump 33% to 18%. I think it’s time evangelicals had a conversation about the criteria for office we are looking for. We want the most evangelical choice. But what we should ask is “who has God anointed?”

Here’s what happened. I shared with this crowd an unusual experience I had the other night. I realized that the next President of the United States will be the 45th President. I got the urge to open up a new Bible that was sent to me as a gift. A Bible put together by Rabbis to give the full Hebrew expression of the New Testament to Christians. I sensed the Lord tell me to look at the 45th Chapter of Isaiah to see who the 45th President of the United States should be.

Isaiah 45:1 says…

‘This is what the LORD says TO HIS ANOINTED, CYRUS, whose right hand I have grasped to subdue nations before him, as I strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him and gates that cannot keep closed.’

Cyrus his anointed? But Cyrus was not even a Jew. He was a foreigner. An outsider. But God raises up secular Kings and Rulers for the sake of His people. This was Churchill and Lincoln and even Reagan. God wants to keep the gates of heaven open over certain nations – hence Cyrus will see “gates that cannot keep closed.” The gates of Hell have plundered a lot of ground in America this past seven years. It’s time that the gates of Hell were plundered and things were restored in certain places. Heaven’s gates will open and Hell’s gates will not be able to stay locked.

Angels get involved with warfare to see the right person (even unbelievers) get into office. Gabriel told this to Daniel in Daniel 11:1 “In the first year of Darius the Mede, I arose to be an encouragement and a protection for him.” Darius and Cyrus were both rulers put into office by God for the sake of His people!

I told them my experience and asked them to consider standing behind Mr. Trump as he continues to step into the role of a rough reformer like Luther to take on the Political and establishment high places. He needs to continue his work as a divine wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness that has been like witchcraft muzzling and intimidating the Christian community.

Mr. Trump is not as evangelical as the other candidates, but I’ve been with him twice. He fears God as best he knows Him and he is the only Cyrus I see fulfilling Isaiah 45 for the 45th President.

There will be great warfare over this election and over this man in particular. A full tilt $100 million media campaign is about to be unleashed to slander him. I want to see the#Trumptrain on track with God’s plan.

Will you join me in the warfare to establish a Cyrus in office for the sake of God’s people and purposes?



Now, let’s hit pause and rewind.

He asked the question “who did God anoint,” but I think the better question is, “why does God care?” Because he clearly does not: Ted Cruz is supposedly anointed to be one of the kings of the end times transfer of wealth. Right now, Cruz is hovering in fourth place, behind Marco Rubio. And we know how much love the GOP has for Rubio.

Before Cruz, there was Michelle Bachmann. God supposedly called on her to run, and she did. And she failed.

And then there was Scott Walker and his gloriously stupid plan to build a wall across the Canadian boarder. And Rick Perry, who was forced to drop out because of a lack of funds. And Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee — almost every Republican presidential candidate in the last 14 years who has come anywhere near authority has claimed God dictated it in some form or another.

And the only one that did get in power gave us ISIS, hampered our response to Global Warming, and nearly destroyed the economy.

I think that if God is trying to tell us anything, it’s this: “anyone invoking my name has no idea what they’re doing, so keep them as far from power as possible.”

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