Donald Trump Continues To Lie About Voter Fraud, Claims Officials Will Throw Away Mail-In Ballots

Elections only work if the population consents to the legitimacy of the other side’s victory, and that’s why Donald Trump’s sour grapes rhetoric about voter fraud is so dangerous. Trump, of course, isn’t alone in his degenerate thinking, but honestly, he’s got the biggest stage to preach it from.

And he’s only ramped that rhetoric up as the polls have shown his campaign going downhill. It’s not enough to make me comfortable — I hope that American liberals get out and vote against him — but it’s enough to make Trump feel the burn. His claims of voter fraud are little more than whining, but that doesn’t stop people from believing claims like the one he made at a Colorado rally on Saturday, where he said election officials would throw away mail-in ballots if they don’t “like” them.

“Real Problem”

Let’s not mince words here: Trump’s claims about voter fraud are complete and utter lies. He’s a damn liar, he’s throwing a temper tantrum, and if there is any voter fraud, it’s probably going to be committed by his fans.

However, it’s worth analyzing his previous claims all the same. Trump claimed that an International Cabal of Bankers is conspiring with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to “rig” the American election and bring a permanent end to the United States. If this sounds completely insane to you, that’s because it is.

However, it’s worth noting the things that the average American is going to miss in that statement.

For instance, “international cabal of bankers” is pretty transparent talk for “Jews.” One of the major conspiracy theories of these Antisemitic loons is the International Jewish banker conspiracy — it’s so important that it has its own fiction novel devoted to it (it was one of Henry Ford’s favorite books): Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In fact, when I typed “cabal of international bankers” in Google, it helpfully suggested “elders of zion” as a related search. Given his voter base consists of white nationalists, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and racists in general, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn he might as well be quoting from the seminal work of Antisemitism.

And if you think I’m reading too much into this, let me remind you that his foreign policy advisor allegedly said that the Nazi ovens were “too small” to kill six million Jewish people. His alt-right supporters have savaged Jewish reporter simply for being Jewish. Antisemitism swirls around the man.

Trump’s latest made up accusations aren’t couched in the same extremely transparent and Antisemitic rhetoric that his usual accusations are. Instead, they’re the sort of straightforward nonsense that we’ve come to expect from Agent Orange when he attempts to speak a mind he doesn’t have.

While speaking before a Colorado rally on Saturday, Trump told the audience that election officials are going to “throw out” mail-in ballots they disagree with, saying:

“I have real problems with ballots being sent. People say, oh, here’s a ballot, bing. Here’s another ballot, throw it away. Oh, here’s one I like, we’ll keep that one.”

Trump seems to think that there are going to be a “lot of people watching” to make sure that the ballots are correct, which is utterly delusional at best and disastrous at worst. These walking poster children for Dunning-Kruger have no idea what they’re doing; they’re armed, emotionally charged, racist, clueless, and out to protect “their country” — which doesn’t include people like me.

Perhaps they should all wear brown shirts, too. That way, police know who to remove once they’ve cast their vote.

“We’re trying to have some pretty good supervision out there,” he warned.

Sure you are. If by “supervision” you mean people carrying out voter intimidation. Because that’s exactly what’ll happen.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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