Donald Trump Casually Retweeted Racist Account Promoting Pro-Hitler Material… AGAIN

Trump has been (rightly) accused of racism and xenophobia in the past, but this particular one takes the cake. While taking a swing at Jeb Bush on Friday, the Teflon Don retweeted white supremacist account, “White Genocide.”

Savior of Europe

Remember when, back in October, Trump thanked a Dutch white supremacist for supporting him? Well, he’s back at it again, with the same crowd of mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging bell curve-citing impotent intellectual degenerates.

The tweet, which was a Photoshop image of Jeb Bush standing outside Trump Tower with a sign saying “vote Trump,” was originally sent to Trump by twitter user “WhiteGenocideTM,” whose location is apparently “Jewmerica.”

In his bio, “WhiteGenocideTM” links to a documentary called “The Greatest Story Never Told”, which bills itself as “the untold story about the most reviled man in history and savior of Europe, Adolf Hitler.” The website also includes an interview with Ursula Haverbeck, a Holocaust-denier.

Trump doesn’t exactly have an unclear record on this issue; he’s pandered directly to the social dropouts who believe this sort of thing from the beginning.  With support from David Duke and the Daily Stormer, Trump’s Nazi credentials are near sterling, while they were solidified long before that, when his ex-wife Ivana told Vanity Fair in 1990 Trump kept a collection of Hitler speeches next to his bed.

Is it any wonder Trump appeals to weak willed authoritarians? Racism and delusions of white persecution are their red meat, and Trump’s serving up the whole damn cow.

Feature image via Huntress’ Uncommon Sense

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