Donald Trump Switches His ‘Birther’ Argument To Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

Move over, Kenya. It’s Canada’s turn. That’s what “The Donald” Trump was quick to point out in a March 23 telephone interview with My Fox New York. When asked for his take on Ted Cruz’s expected presidential campaign announcement, occurring later the same day, Trump quickly responded with claims that the Texas senator might be ineligible to hold the office, and on the same “birther” argument he tried to use against President Obama.

He’s got a hurdle that no one seems to hold at the moment. […] (Cruz) was born in Canada. If you know and when we all studied our history lessons, you are supposed to be born in this country, so I just don’t know how the courts will rule on this.

But everyone else with half a brain knows not only how the courts would rule, but how they’ve already ruled on this same issue. Because his mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of Cruz’s birth in Canada, he is a “natural born” citizen. You’d think “The Donald” would know this by now, due to the fruitlessness of his same claims against Obama, and even though the incumbent president’s birth records have more weight than those of Cruz; Obama’s mother was a citizen *and* he was born in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

But that’s “The Donald” for you. He’s been milking the birther cow since 2011, and even though it’s only produced sour cream cheese with every udder uttering. Of course, Trump may only have been attempting to retain his supporters, since he himself also declared an interest in the Oval Office back in Dec. 2014.

And even if Cruz hadn’t declared a campaign that same day, giving Trump means to continue that silly feary-theory, that doesn’t mean “The Donald” would have given up the argument. In Feb. 2015, for example, he implied unilateral support in claims that both Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain agreed with him on Obama’s “birther” issue.

At least Trump gave some respect to Cruz in these latest claims in the March 23 interview, though.

I know him very well. He’s a smart guy.

Here’s video of My Fox NY’s telephone interview with Trump:

New York News

H/T: The Hill | Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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