Donald Trump Applauds His Supporters For Beating A Black Lives Matter Protester (VIDEO)

On Saturday, a Black Lives Matter protester was kicked, shoved and punched at a Trump rally. On Sunday, Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends and applauded his supporters for their racist violence:

Maybe he should have been roughed up. It was disgusting what he was doing.

Since when is exercising our First Amendment right while at the rally of a man running for president, disgusting? Since when is exercising our rights punishable by assault? Is he out of his mind? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

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Trump went on to compare what happened at his rally, to the Black Lives Matter protest during a Bernie Sanders event. As you recall, Trump said at the time that something like that would never happen at one of his events because he wouldn’t just “take it.” Instead of beating the crap out of a protester, Bernie laid out a plan to combat racial injustice. Trump was very offended that Sanders didn’t use violence and on Sunday he said:

This is not the way Bernie Sanders handled his problem, I will tell you, but I have a lot of fans and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble.

Looking to make trouble by exercising his CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED rights. I have to keep saying that because I don’t think Donald Trump knows how this works. He doesn’t know how any of this works.

Watch this imbecile advocate violence:

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