Donald Trump And Corey Lewandowski Just Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble With The Law

A well-known Republican political operative has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump for defamation, alleging that he and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, smeared her after she criticized the GOP frontrunner on national TV.

Communications strategist Cheri Jacobus is suing the bigoted billionaire for $4 million in damages, in addition to an unspecified amount of punitive damages and court fees in the suit, which was filed  in New York County court on Monday morning.

On Jan. 26, Jacobus appeared on CNN and said that Trump was nothing more than  “a third grader faking his way through an oral report on current affairs.” Trump, as he is infamous for, immediately set his sights on her and Corey Lewandowski slammed her the next morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Lewandowski claimed that she had approached the campaign “on multiple occasions” trying to get a job. He said that when the campaign didn’t hire her “clearly she went off and was upset by that.”

Jacobus didn’t back down after Trump’s campaign manager attacked her, and appeared on CNN again on Feb. 2 where she reiterated her criticisms of the GOPfrontrunner. Following this appearance, Trump to Twitter to blast her, claiming she had “begged” for a job.

Jacobus tells a different story, claiming that the Trump campaign approached her with a job offer last spring through a former staffer. According to an anonymous source, she met with Lewandowski on two separate occasions but declined to take a position with the campaign.

This lawsuit comes just days after Lewandowski learned that he would not face prosecution for the battery of former Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields.

The campaign issued a statement on Jacobus’ lawsuit on Monday evening.

This is just another frivolous lawsuit and an attempt to gain notoriety at the expense of Donald Trump.

You can read the full complaint here:

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