Donald Trump Aide Fired In ‘Shakeup’

Ed Brookover, aide and adviser to Donald Trump, was reportedly fired in what sources are describing as a “shakeup.”

The Republican nominee gave Brookover, who had been responsible for helping to plan the GOP’s convention, his walking papers on Monday. Prior to taking on his role as an advisor to the Trump campaign, Brookover served as a top aide to retired neurosurgeon and failed presidential candidate, Ben Carson.

Politico reported:

One source familiar with the move said that Brookover received a phone call from another Trump aide, Jim Murphy, informing him of the news. During the call, Murphy said two senior Trump aides, William McGinley and Mike McSherry, would take on elevated roles.

Donald Trump has not been having a stellar week. He sparked controversy when he criticized the parents of a slain American Muslim soldier who died in Iraq while serving in the United States military. Despite the desperate attempts of Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential pick, to cast his new bosses comments in a more flattering light, the blowback has been fierce. Even members of his own party are horrified at his remarks towards this Gold Star family.

Not to mention, there was only one way he and his buddies could come up with to distract the American public from his attacks on the family of a man who received a Purple Heart for sacrificing his life on foreign soil: splash pictures of the new First Lady across the cover of a magazine butt ass naked. Seriously.

Now he seems to be having problems even inside of his own campaign. Brookover has not yet commented on his firing and a statement has not been issued by Donald Trump’s campaign either. At the moment, it is difficult to know what led to the decision to let Brookover go. Maybe he suggested that perhaps Donald Trump had gone just a bit too far with his mouth this time. Or maybe he got busted in the bathroom with a certain magazine cover.

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