Donald Trump Accused Of Raping Child Repeatedly, Case Filed In N.Y. Federal Court

It looks like some of the allegations that had surfaced towards the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign aren’t as dead as he wants the voters to think they are. Despite having dropped off the radar, and being a difficult case to try, Donald Trump may again face charges that allege he repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl, in 1994, with Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, who is an alleged pedophile in his own right, and Trump are both accused by the girl of raping and sexually assaulting her during a sex party. The case filed in Los Angeles county was dismissed by a judge last month, but then again Trump has been notoriously good at weaseling out of legal responsibility throughout his adult life. However, it appears the charges are being looked at again.

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This time, as reported by the New York Daily News, he just might end up having to deal with the case.

A new lawyer has found that the case merits another attempt to get justice for the victim, and will bring it to Donald Trump on his own territory, right in Manhattan Federal Court. The lawsuit was filed on Monday, and despite having a witness, its greatest hurdle is the completely morally repugnant statute of limitations on sexual assaults and rapes.

Can Donald Trump’s fans excuse the accusations of child rape as part of the recreation of a billionaire playboy? Unfortunately, yes they might.

However, for those critical swing voters, the independents, and the disenchanted Republicans already disgusted by this narcissistic nutjob, reading the details of such a crime may just remind them who they are being asked to vote for. A man with little more to his name than the slow, halting, bankruptcy punctuated, squandering of multiple fortunes in slick schemes. A man who has little personal integrity — at his own admission, lying is just another tool he uses to bilk people out of money. A man who lives in a world that most of us would find repugnant and wrong.

A man who may be counting on the “statutes of limitations” to stop the accusations of rape from foiling his bid for the White House.

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