Donald Sutherland: The Hunger Games Is About War Profiteers (VIDEO)

Actor Donald Sutherland has long been outspoken about politics. Just two years ago, he said this about President Obama:

It’s terrible. He’s dealing with a society more racist than I ever believed.

On MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

Who is this idiot? Why is he there? He can’t even listen. He doesn’t conduct a decent conversation. He runs over everyone else’s words with a landslide of diarrhea. I saw him on Friday, stomping around the stage like a posturing rooster, calling Paul Krugman a political hack. Paul Krugman’s a political hack? Surely they put make-up on Mr. Small Mouth. Doesn’t he look in the mirror? That’s where he’d see what a political hack looks like.

For god’s sake, MSNBC, get rid of him, he’s beneath you. This guy makes Pat Buchanan look embarrassed. Go out and get the television equivalent of David Brooks to chair your program. He’d be worth listening to. He’d give conservative opinion a rational voice. That person would be calmly articulate, and that’d make for worthwhile conversation. Reminiscent of William Safire or, better still, William F. Buckley. That’d be fair and balanced broadcasting!

It’s no wonder he also has an opinion about his hit movie series, The Hunger Games, where he plays President Coriolanus Snow. He believes the movies offer the world an important message, and it mirrors the message given to us 55 years ago in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s iconic speech where he warned of the military industrial complex.

As a nation, we did not heed Eisenhower’s warning and the military industrial complex is quite real. People are literally dying on battlefields so a tiny fraction of the population can get very rich. Here’s where The Hunger Games ties into that, according to Sutherland:

If there’s any question as to what it’s an allegory for I will tell you.

It is the powers that be in the United States of America.

It’s profiteers.

War is for profit. It’s not ‘to save the world for democracy’ or ‘for king and country.’

No, bulls**t.

It’s for the profit of the top 10 percent, and the young people who see this film must recognize that for the future ‘blind faith in their leaders,’ as Bruce Springsteen said, ‘will get you dead.’

Listen to his commentary here:

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