Don Jr Shares Article While Somehow Totally Unaware That It Savages His Father

A son-of-a-Trump just tweeted what he thought was a glowing article about his father, but it wasn’t. Reading is HARD. Donald Trump Jr. who is arguably the dumbest member of the Trump family tweeted a link to an Associated Press article without being aware that it was highly critical of his porn star banging father.

The problem is that the article notes that after a year into his ‘presidency,’ Donald Trump “is no closer to making Mexico pay for a border wall than when he made supporters swoon with that promise at those rollicking campaign rallies of 2016.”

But wait, there’s more!

“His own administration’s sloppy start explains why none of the laws he pledged to sign in his first 100 days came to reality then and why most are still aspirational,” the AP reports.

Twitter users wondered if Junior had read the article.

The article Junior is bragging about is not flattering. It speaks of a man who brags about non-existent achievements, sort of what Junior is doing right now.

It mentions Trump bragging about “having signed more than 80 pieces of legislation into law, but there’s little of consequence in that pile.”

The article notes that Trump has “signed laws naming federal buildings after people, appointing a Smithsonian Institution regent and other housekeeping steps that all presidents do but tend not to make a fuss about.”

“In contrast, Obama signed an enormous stimulus package into law in his first month while also achieving a law expanding health care for children and other policy steps,” the AP reports.

“Then there’s Franklin Roosevelt, credited by historians Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer with achieving “the most concentrated period of U.S. reform in U.S. history,” starting immediately with emergency legislation to stabilize the Depression-devastated banking system and setting in place the New Deal with 14 pieces of historic legislation in 100 days,” the article concludes.


Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images.

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