Do You Think Bill O’Reilly Was Drunk During The Debate? Watch And Decide (VIDEOS)

Well, that was an odd post-debate wrap up by Bill O’Reilly. I can’t say with certainty but Patton Oswalt seems to agree with me, and many others, when we say O’Reilly was DRUNK during his short interviews after the debate.

He was mispronouncing words, acting a little sillier than usual, stuttering here and there, and seemed a little slow on the trigger overall. He certainly wasn’t the angry, sharp and caustic jerk that he usually is every night on his TV show.

Patton wasn’t the only one.

They weren’t incorrect. Bill was definitely off-kilter somehow. Whether he got force-medicated by his overlords at Fox before they let him within 10 feet of the candidates, or he pulled a John Boehner and had one or five drinks during supper, is not really clear. If you listen to his pronunciation of certain words, though, during his mini candidate interviews, he certainly seems in a jovial mood, to say the least.

But perhaps you should decide. Watch the video below and see what you think.

Here is a capture of Bill asking Cruz if he’s surpriiiiised of Trump’s durabil *hic* durability:

Here’s another one of him interviewing Trump and being, shall we say, less than normal?

I’m going to risk making the assertion that there was an open bar at the VIP lounge and Bill was spending some time there before his interviews.

Featured image via video screen capture

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