Disrespecting Michelle Obama: A Sporting Event For The Stupid (IMAGES)

Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly was recently named one of the five most racist pages on Facebook.  In addition to blatant racism, the hate-fest with more than 300,000 fans has decided to wage an all out war on the First Lady.

The criticism of Mrs. Obama isn’t about her platform, it isn’t about her politics, and it isn’t about her parenting, all of which Americans should be exceedingly proud of.  Their criticism is about her looks.

Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman.  The class she displays in the face of extreme adversity is inspirational.  It’s no wonder that in order to smear her pages like BODF have to use photoshop or find the most unflattering pictures possible.

Photo: (CA)

The attacks have gone way above and beyond simple parody or good-natured ribbing.  These imbeciles have taken the stance, with the help of their fans, that Michelle Obama is actually a man.

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In doing so, they’ve also labeled the President as a homosexual, as if that were some kind of insult, so their hatred and bigotry could grow at an exponential rate.

PhotoJames Troiano's photo.


James Troiano's photo.

Photo: WW

Photo: Thanks to our Fly Fan, Jacob! He was somehow able to get the lab report, on Ovomit's throat swab! (CA)


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The stupidity doesn’t stop there.  Building off of the theory that the First Lady is unattractive, the self-servatives have also been pushing memes depicting her as Bigfoot, a gorilla, and the family dog.


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Conservaturds love to pretend that they’re all about equality.  They love to think these kinds of memes aren’t about a person’s race, have nothing to do with sexual orientation and aren’t meant to actually harm anyone. The truth is pretty obvious. Hate runs rampant in these circles.

Michelle Obama grew up in a brick bungalow in Chicago. She attended Chicago public schools. Through hard work and determination the First Lady graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law. Michelle Obama is not only a beautiful woman, she’s also a very successful woman.

There’s nothing conservatives hate more than a story like Michelle Obama’s. Her life represents everything they hate. Women, people who aren’t white and those who love President Obama.

Her record as First Lady speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, Conservative idol Laura Bush, born into privilege and handed a free ride on a silver platter, is still trying to decide what her platform will be when she becomes First Lady in 2001.

All images taken from public posts and replies on Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly


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