Dispatch From The GOP Dumpster Fire: Trump Campaign Says Republicans Who Attack Trump Are Racist

You may have noticed a thick plume of smoke billowing just beyond the horizon. Don’t bother grabbing a pail of water, it’s just the out-of-control dumpster fire that is the 2016 Republican Party – and it needs to burn out on its own. How bad has it gotten? Trump’s campaign just told its supporters to begin an aggressive counterattack against any Republican politician who dares speak out about Trump’s racism – by labeling them the “real racist.”

In other words: On the cusp of a potentially earth-shattering defeat in the general election, the Republican Party is currently spending its energy fighting itself over who among them is the most racist.

On a conference call with various campaign surrogates, Trump instructed his campaign to smear any Republican who defies him, particularly if they stand against him for his repeated attacks on a Hispanic judge who is presiding over his lawsuit.

According to a report by Bloomberg, an angry Trump told his entourage to go after journalists and Republicans:

The people asking the questions—those are the racists,” Trump said. “I would go at ’em.

Lo and behold, just one day later, Trump superfan Jeffrey Lord was on CNN labeling Paul Ryan and other Trump critics “racists” for calling into question Trump’s statements on Muslim, female, and Hispanic judges.

“I am accusing anybody, anybody who believes in identity politics, which he apparently now does, of playing the race card,” Lord said. “The Republican establishment is playing this. Senator McConnell is playing this. These people have run and hid and borrowed the Democratic agenda of playing the race card. It is wrong.

Trump has shown absolutely no signs of walking back his racist statements, even while his own staff has noted that the comments will probably kill his campaign.

Instead, the candidate has torn off the veil that allowed Republicans to plausibly argue that Trump isn’t an out-and-out racist appealing to a segment of the Republican Party that is comprised of white supremacists.

Meanwhile, even Trump’s spineless appeasers seem to have shown there is a limit to how much they can take. Both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, as mentioned, have spoken out against Trump’s rhetoric (although neither have gone so far as to un-endorse him). Others in the Republican Party are even more adamant. Sen. Ben Sasse called Trump’s statements the “literal definition of racism.” Sen. Lindsey Graham has called on his colleagues to abandon Trump entirely.

On the other hand, Rep. Steve King (R), arguably congress’ second most openly racist member behind Louie Gohmert, bragged that Trump got a lot of his racial ideas about immigration from him. Hm.

It’s hard to sympathize with the utter destruction happening to the once major political party. The GOP has spent years stacking up dry branches and pouring on the gasoline – Trump was just the spark that set it ablaze.

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