Disgusting ‘Daily Caller’ Headline Implies That President Obama Beats His Wife (VIDEO/PHOTO)

Out of all the vile, disgusting right wing websites that pollute the online universe, one of the worst is Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller.

Carlson, who had one time seemed to have had a bit of journalistic integrity when his interview with presidential candidate George W. Bush showed Bush’s ugly side to the world, has ZERO credibility left. The Daily Caller is little more than a smear rag, and one that has regularly featured thinly disguised racism, especially directed at the president.

If you Google the terms “Tucker Carlson racist,” you get an interesting group of results, with a ton of stories and videos from various sites pointing out the different times that Carlson has let his racism show through. In 2012, a Wonkette headline asked “Which Black People Does Tucker Carlson Hate Now?”

Also in 2012, blogger Andrew Sullivan observed:

Carlson used to be a brilliant writer. He’s now a racist demagogue. He’s a story in one person of how degenerate and disgusting much of American ‘conservatism’ has become.

The racism at The Daily Caller is so blatant that the site actually published a piece in 2013 about the Obamas getting a new dog, and observed that the First Family had “no white dogs.”

Now the attacks on the president have reached a whole new level, with a Daily Caller post titled “Barack Obama, Wife Beater.”

The post, written by someone who doesn’t have the guts to put his or her name to it, appeared just before midnight on July 1. And just what does the title of the post mean? Well, you know what conservatives will think it means. But what the poster is really talking about is explained in the one and only line of text in the entire piece: “He’s wearing a wife beater.”

Following that line are two pictures of the president giving a speech in Tennessee while not wearing a jacket. Visible under his white dress shirt is a sleeveless t-shirt, known in some circles as a “wife beater.” Apparently, this is what passes as humor at The Daily Caller.

Here’s how the post appears on the site.


via Media Matters

via Media Matters

And here’s the president’s appearance in Tennessee that prompted some “clever” little bastard to create this post. You can see his t-shirt when he faces the camera.


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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