Disgraced Kansas Governor Slashes State Education Funding AGAIN After His Tax Cuts Fail To Work

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback took time out of his busy schedule of loathing homosexuality to remind himself who America’s real enemies are: college kids. Brownback, whose disastrous Teabagger policies have caused much damage to Kansas, directed his Koch-snorting smug nose at University funding. Each and every election year, smug and disingenuous pr*cks like Brownback hoodwink low information voters (or Trump voters) into believing that tax cuts are the cure-all for America’s ailments.

But here’s the thing: It never, ever, EVER happens. It’s just one of those nebulous things that Republicans toss around every election year that means nothing.

Proving his austerity measures work like the Zune player, Gov. Brownback announced a $17 million cut to the state’s universities Tuesday after tax receipts fell short of expectations in February. It seems that Kansas missed tax revenue estimates by roughly $53 million last month, which thrust the state back into yet another budget hole.

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Wichita State University, estimated to lose about $2 million in the cuts, froze all noncritical spending Tuesday.

Rep. Jim Ward, D-Wichita, said lawmakers need to “close the loophole” that has allowed 330,000 business owners to pay no state tax on their income. Moreover, Brownback’s programs are producing next to no revenue and it’s killing the state.

I’m sick and tired of every month dealing with lower revenues and the fiscal crisis getting worse and worse. … It’s time to face reality. This is broken, Ward said. (Kansas.com)

Many Democrats are using this budget shortfall to lash out at Brownback, and justifiably so.

If Sam Brownback’s handling of our state’s budget were brought before a court of law, he would be found guilty of gross negligence, said Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka. And in the most important venue, the court of public opinion, he will be found the worst governor in Kansas history.(Kansas.com)

And much like every other Koch-snorting teabagger governor who was swept into power amid a sea of uninformed white anger, his own state hates him.  For example, a Fort Hays State University poll found that only 21 percent of Kansans approved of Brownback’s job performance. Who knows–maybe he’ll kiss Trump’s a** like Christie did to prevent his inevitable demise.

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