Did Teabagger Matt Bevin Cheat In Kentucky Gubernatorial Win? Evidence Suggests So

Seeing as this year was an off-year that featured no national or presidential elections, everyone was too distracted by Donald Trump saying crazy things to notice other races going on across the country. It’s widely known that mostly Republicans vote in off election years, but that wasn’t the case in Teapublican Matt Bevin’s shocking gubernatorial win in the state of Kentucky.

Despite having trailed in nearly every poll, Bevin had a massive victory–something that has political experts scratching their heads. At first blush,  the victory was justified by the fact that registered democrats turned out to vote in historically small numbers. However, new evidence seems to suggest that the election may have been rigged in favor of Bevin.

The notion that democrats didn’t show up to vote has been disproven. Indeed, democrats voted in large numbers, as evidenced by the votes cast for the democratic candidates running for lesser know offices such as Attorney General. Here’s the thing: In U.S. elections, there is virtually never down-the-ballot candidates of a certain party garnering more votes than the candidate at the top of the ballot.

Do you ever actually read all the long-winded details that accompany the downloading of an app? No, you just see that big shiny app and want to be on your way.

In state-level elections, for instance, many voters will only cast their ballot in the governor’s race and then go back to playing Candy Crush. Further, they won’t give any consideration to the lesser contests also on the ballot. Seriously, you could put Hitler or Spongebob on the bottom of a ballot and oodles of voters would never see it.

Yet that otherwise ironclad theory was shattered in this week’s Kentucky voting, with several democratic candidates for lesser offices garnering way more votes than democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway.

Via Alternet:

Bev Harris, of BlackBoxVoting.org, described the higher vote totals in the down ballot races as a ‘significant anomaly’. She tells me that, at least until more records are requested and examined, the KY-Gov’s race ‘has to be looked at as a questionable outcome, particularly because of the discrepancies in the down ballot races. More votes in those races and not at the top…that just doesn’t happen.’

Miserably uninformed working class whites voting against their economic self-interest is so old and tired it’s a cliche, but in this instance it seems that many down-the-ballot democrats won in Kentucky. One really has to wonder how Bevin was able to overcome bad polls and win so big. Sadly, absent human examination of the hand-marked paper ballots (many actually exist across most of the state) and other related records, there is simply no true way of verifying what happened.

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