‘Dictatorship’ Run By DNC Chairwoman May Just Have Gone Too Far

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been accused of running a dictatorship, lying, ignoring others members of the committee, and now disinviting those that don’t agree with her from the debate in Las Vegas.

Amid speculation that she did so in favor of Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Shultz  unilaterally decided that the DNC would only sponsor six debates — with only four of the debates scheduled before some major state’s primaries and caucuses begin.

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Many believe that this is to stack the deck against Hillary’s opponents, especially those with fewer resources — which would be all of them —  specifically Bernie Sanders.

She has earned the distaste and public rebuke of DNC Vice Chairs R.T. Ryback (MN) and Tulsi Gabbard (HI). R.T. Ryback is quoted as saying:

I’m coming really close [to calling for her resignation]. I’m not quite doing that yet, but unless I see some significant shift in the way she’s going to operate and see that she has some ability to reach out and include people who disagree with her, then I seriously question whether she’s the right person to lead us.

Gabbard, who was told to reconsider her attendance to the Las Vegas debate unless she could “stop talking about the process,” was very clear about her disgust. Gabbard intimated that not only was Wasserman Schultz an enemy of free speech, she is a liar as well. When asked about the decision to have only 6 debates, which she is opposed to, Gabbard said:

The chairwoman said publicly that she had communicated and consulted with vice chairs and officers of the DNC prior to making her decision. The fact is, there was no communication. There was no consultation with the vice chairs and officers, of which I am one. So it’s unfortunate that she continues to say things that aren’t true.

It seems that Wasserman Schultz has lost sight of a DNC that works together for the good of the country and the Democratic Party. This failure just may end her tenure as DNC Chairwoman if she can’t find a way to stop allowing one candidate’s, namely Hillary Clinton, wish to have fewer debates hamper her ability to lead the party.

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