Dictator Trump: “When I’m President, You Can Leave ‘Happy Holidays’ At The Corner”

Donald Trump is beginning to see a slump in his poll numbers, so he’s trying to bolster them by making really outlandish claims. This particular claim involves so-called “political correctness” and saying, “Happy Holidays,” versus “Merry Christmas.” According to CNN, Trump seriously thinks he can force businesses to say, “Merry Christmas.”

Trump was speaking to a conservative crowd in Iowa when he made this statement. CNN reports that he specifically said:

I’m a good Christian. If I become president, we’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas at every store. You can leave happy holidays at the corner.

Okay…so…he’s a good Christian. Baloney. Regardless of how he sees his Christianity, we have to ask the following question: How, exactly, does he think he’s going to make every store say, “Merry Christmas,” instead of anything else? Anything he could do from the standpoint of laws would violate the First Amendment. It would also alienate non-Christian businesses.

Trump is starting to fall behind Ben Carson in the polls, including in Iowa. We don’t need the nutcase that is Ben Carson any more than we need the nutcase that is Donald Trump, however, the poll numbers may be why Trump is starting to pander to the religious right. Carson has the religious right in the bag because of his strict adherence to their nutty brand of Christianity.

The evangelicals have a stranglehold on the GOP, and Trump needs to tap that in order to win the nomination.

According to NBC News, Trump thinks that the polls showing him falling behind are wrong. It doesn’t seem to matter that many of these polls are polls he was touting earlier as part of his rise to the top of the GOP clown car; now that he’s behind, they’re wrong. So he needs to change his campaign strategy.

Worse, though, is how he unleashed on Carson upon learning of his fall in the polls. NBC News is also saying that Trump announced the poll results as though he was on a newscast, but then said, “We informed Ben, but he was sleeping.”

Ouch. Regardless, it’s actually not surprising that he would start falling behind Carson because Carson is so much better at being an evangelical, right-wing, nutty Christian than Trump is. So, promising that every store will be saying, “Merry Christmas,” instead of the more politically correct, “Happy holidays,” could easily be his way of trying to pander to the religious right. However, it’ll be interesting to see how he plans on doing this.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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