Devastating New Poll Deals A Massive Blow To Trump’s Russia-Sized Ego

Trump keeps telling us in various ways that he’s the greatest president this country has ever seen. He’s only ever made two exceptions, and then just barely: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Other than those two, he’s accomplished more and done more to make America great than any other president in history…at least in his mind.

But people don’t enshrine themselves in history like that. It’s everyone else who does that for you, and a new poll on this very thing is devastating news for Trump and his Russia-sized ego. Nearly half of the country—42 percent—believes that history will remember him as among the worst presidents we’ve ever had. Not the best.

If realized, he’d fit right in with the likes of Herbert Hoover, who presided over the 1929 stock market crash and the start of the Great Depression (there’s a reason the tent cities during that time were called Hoovervilles). He’d also be near Andrew Johnson, who had dictatorial and racist tendencies, and who couldn’t accept post-Civil War reality. His policies are a primary reason Reconstruction was largely a failure.

On top of this 42 percent is another 16 percent who believe history will see him as a below-average president. Roughly one-third of Republicans think he’ll be remembered as just average – certainly not the golden deity savior he thinks he is.

The Russia investigations continue to gain steam as Mueller and his team interview people who are ever-closer to Trump, and as the Congressional committees begin work to subpoena witnesses and documents. Trump hasn’t been able to get any of his major agenda items completed. “Repeal and replace” failed more than once, leading him to sabotage Obamacare himself to try and force Congress to do his bidding before the markets collapse. His tax reform plans haven’t really gone anywhere in part because too many see it as nothing but more tax breaks for the wealthy.

We’ve spent $160 million on prototypes of his ridiculous border wall already, but the likelihood that the thing will actually get built is still low since Democrats will not pass a budget that funds it.

Trump disrespects Gold Star families and publicly feuds with members of Congress, including Bob Corker, who is retiring next year, and John McCain, who is a former POW and is currently battling brain cancer. He’s been a complete asshat to Puerto Rico following the destruction from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This poll probably reflects a lot of this, and is a needle in his golden little bubble of egotism.

Featured image via Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

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