Detroit Protesters Have Found A Brilliant Way To Prevent Trump Rally While Also Humiliating Trump

Protestors have come up with a real ironic way of preventing Donald Trump from spewing his redundant xenophobic crap: building a human wall to stop Trump from speaking at the Detroit Economic Club at the Renaissance Center on Monday afternoon.

The protest is being organized by a Facebook group called “Cockroach Watch.”  Cockroach Watch bills itself as a citizen watchdog group and community activists with who put extra emphasis on issues within the city of Detroit like city services, foreclosures, and police brutality. Things that Republicans have ignored like a poor single mom, and, like with all substantive issues that acutely affect lives, an issue that Trump has yet to address.

Trump’s entire clownish campaign has been about hate, fear, lies, scaring white people, and building a luxurious wall across the border despite immigration being net zero. So it only seems fitting that decent people display their disgust for him by forming an actual wall. No word if Mexico pays for human walls. Curiously enough, protesters are also planning a 200-foot-long wall (of sandbags) within the site of Trump’s building in New York. But that particular protest is not related to the one being put on in Detroit. But the NY organizers happily weighed in.

Trump calls for the building of a wall, defaming and slandering Mexican people—well, what if we turn his words against him, and wall him in?” Wall Campaign Organizer David Haggerty told

So long as Trump remains the GOP presidential nominee and perpetuating totally fallacious and xenophobic nonsense, we can expect to see more protests like the ones set to take place in Detroit and NYC. But much like a monkey riding a tricycle, it will ultimately return to hurling its own feces. So don’t expect Trump to suddenly have a pang of conscious and stop his onslaught of attacks on Mexicans.

Featured image via MotorCityMuckraker 

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