Detroit Mayor Dismantles Trump’s ‘Phony’ Outreach Visit: ‘I Feel Like I’m Watching The Apprentice!’

As you’ve likely heard, Donald Trump visited a Detroit church on Saturday to once again try to prove he isn’t a racist appeal to African American voters. After his visit, never one to miss out on a chance for self-gratification and attention, he took to Twitter to let the world know how “successful” his trip was and gripe about “biased” CNN reports.

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Turns out, media reports were correct and Trump is a big orange liar! He was actually met by a street full of protesters and a virtually empty church. Didn’t he realize that people would have pictures of this unfortunate turnout?

Detroit’s mayor, Mike Duggan, wasn’t about to let Trump get away with what was obviously narcissistic pandering. While speaking to news cameras and the protesters who were gathered, he had this to say:

“I feel like I’m watching the next season of ‘The Apprentice!’ This is the most phony major party nominee that I’ve seen in my lifetime, and that’s why we’re skeptical.

Are you here just to use Detroiters as props in a re-imaging campaign, or are you here to have a real conversation where you’re finally going to give us the specifics on what you’re going to do to make American cities better?”

Duggan also pointed out that Trump never mentioned how he plans to “reduce poverty” or improve the lives of black citizens, which was one of the things Trump promised to do during his visit. The Donald lied again…Go figure.

Detroit’s mayor was joined Saturday by U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence who had a response to Trump’s now infamous question to black Americans, “What do you have to lose?” Her answer: the future of my grandchild.

“He said when he sees an African American that I am broke, I am unemployed, I’m uneducated, and whenever I walk out my door I’m being shot. What do I have to lose?

I don’t want my grandchild to listen to the rhetoric that she, as a woman and as an African-American, is classified and stereotyped as uneducated.”

To Trump, Lawrence said, “You are not qualified to be president of the United States that includes me as an African-American woman.”

I’m not sure who Trump thinks he’s fooling, but it’s certainly not the people of Detroit. Now, one more community sees him for who and what he is.

All I can say to Mr. Trump at this point is keep it up, buddy. You’re making a mockery of yourself, tanking your own campaign, and in the end, that can only be a good thing for America.

Featured image via Getty Images/Bill Pugliano

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