Despite Chaotic Conventioneers, 90 Percent Of Die-Hard Berners Plan To Vote For Hillary Clinton

OK folks, it is time to separate reality from convention hype for a minute. Brace yourself for a surprising and refreshing bit of information. It doesn’t surprise most of us who have been feeling the Bern since the beginning, but it may surprise quite a few other people: 90 percent of those who have been unwavering in their intent to vote for Bernie Sanders, according to Pew Research, will vote for Hillary in November.

According to the Washington Post:

Pew Research has been polling on the 2016 campaign for months, allowing it to track attitudes among voters over time. Nearly half of the Democratic electorate, 44 percent, changed their preference over the course of the three surveys Pew conducted. About 3 in 10 supported Clinton, wire-to-wire; about 20 percent Sanders.

So, they went and asked those die-hard Sanders’ voters who they will be voting for, and 90 percent said Hillary Clinton. Ninety percent. Oh, and every other group also showed that they would overwhelmingly “vote blue” in November too.

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Now, that doesn’t mean the small percentage that won’t isn’t very loud, it means that they are most likely to be at the convention, screaming because — let’s face it — they have reason to scream. They feel cheated, they feel that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and deeply wounded that the best option (in their eyes) was not chosen. They are, however, not paying attention to the big picture beyond their immediate goals.

They are also WAY more likely to have been so moved by their candidate that they would drop everything to go protest at their party’s National Convention. They are the angry, loud, and passionate but the numbers say, they are the minority.

This high percentage of Bernie voters who do play the long game also doesn’t guarantee that Hillary is going to win without your vote. In fact, that small percentage of Trump voters up there should be very concerning. This race is close, and by close, I mean that Trump has taken the lead and his lead is growing.

There was only ever about 7 percent between Hillary and Trump, and that 7 percent was on the Democratic side. Trump has always know that to win all he had to do was encourage the split in the opposition. How could someone who is such a polar opposite to Sanders ever hope to win his voters? The answer is simple, he doesn’t — he just encourages them to stay mad, and hopes they vote third party or just don’t vote — he only needs them to not vote for her. It seems that the WikiLeaks document dump went a long way towards that goal for him, gee, how coincidental.

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Now, most of us who have always supported Bernie Sanders, myself included, know one thing, we trust him. When he said, “Hillary has won the Democratic nominating process,” and swore to do everything in his power to help her defeat Trump, we listened.

Sure, not all of us did and those who were really mad made a LOT of noise about it, abusing him and even Elizabeth Warren for having the temerity to live in reality. But the vast majority are not included in that small angry group.

In fact, we are used to fighting for our principles and values even when it seems no one else will, and we know either Hillary or Donald Trump is going to win the White House. We know the Supreme Court is at stake, civil rights are at stake, the First Amendment is at stake: everything. Even well known Bernie Supporters, like Sean King, of the New York Daily News are making it very clear to all, we are not fair-weather progressives.

King said, in a very well written editorial:

We all have to make choices here. I am choosing to follow Bernie’s lead in supporting Hillary Clinton. I am sure it is exponentially harder for him than it is for me or for you, but I trust this man. He knows that we only have two real choices for President. It’s either going to be Clinton or Trump. Period.

This is about voting, this is about winning, it is about the issues we all stand for that won’t be tended to at all should we lose. This is about the fact that overwhelmingly, despite the chaotic conventioneers, Liberals are going to band together to stop Trump, who is a menace to our country.

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